Open Source
Wi-Fi Gradient
LED Strips

Luxio are open source Wi-Fi LED Strips, that can control every pixel's color to create beautiful gradients & animations.

Get Started

Three simple steps to get started.

Shopping List
USB-C Cable € 1
€ 13

Buy the hardware

Everything you need for a single Luxio LED Strip can be bought on AliExpress for less than € 20 total. Learn more »

Solder three wires

Even if you don't have any soldering experience, it's quite easy, and makes for a great first project! Learn how »

Flash the controller

Connect the USB-C of the Wemos D1 mini to your PC or Mac, and visit the Luxio Flash Tool in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to flash it once. From then on, software updates will be installed automatically.

Luxio CLI

Control any Luxio using the Command-Line Interface.

$ npm install -g @luxio-lighting/cli $ luxio set-on --device "Luxio Bedroom" $ luxio set-brightness --brightness "75%" $ luxio set-gradient --colors "#FF0000, #00FF00, #0000FF"


Connect Luxio with Homey Pro.

Homey is the world's most advanced smart home platform, connecting your entire smart home in a single place. It's also the best way to control Luxio out-of-home, and through Google Assistant, Alexa & Siri.

Get the Homey Pro app for Luxio in the Homey App Store.